Server plans are preconfigured server configurations with fixed price. Each plan includes certain number of CPU cores, memory amount, storage and transfer quota in addition to one public IPv4 address (private IPv4 addresses and public IPv6 addresses are currently free of charge, so they are not included in plan).

In addition to plans available in a zone, there is always possibility for free scaling of CPU, memory and disk resources. In such cases the plan used by server will be reported as "custom" by API. It is possible to change existing "custom" server to a fixed plan provided that CPU cores and memory amount matches the selected plan.

If server’s storage or network resources do not fit to plan’s specification, they are billed on an hourly basis. Same applies to excess network traffic. Those storage device(s) and IP addresses included in fixed plan price have part_of_plan attribute with value “yes” in server details response.

List available plans

Returns a list of available plans.

In addition to listed plans, server can be freely configured with "custom" plan which allows freely scalable CPU cores, memory amount and storage resources.

All plans are available in all zones but pricing may differ. See List prices of how to obtain current price list.


GET /1.2/plan

Normal response

HTTP/1.0 200 OK
  "plans" : {
    "plan" : [
        "core_number" : 1,
        "memory_amount" : 2048,
        "name" : "1xCPU-2GB",
        "public_traffic_out" : 2048,
        "storage_size" : 50,
        "storage_tier" : "maxiops"
        "core_number" : 2,
        "memory_amount" : 4096,
        "name" : "2xCPU-4GB",
        "public_traffic_out" : 4096,
        "storage_size" : 80,
        "storage_tier" : "maxiops"