An API user account and password is required to access the UpCloud API. The API user is associated with an UpCloud account. A user account may have multiple API users to be used in different client software. In order to use resources from the cloud, the account must have enough credits.

Main account can create sub-accounts that have access only to a limited set of resources (servers and storages). Sub-account can have only API access, only GUI access or both. API access can be further controlled with IP access lists. Creating and modifying sub accounts is possible only through control panel .


Credits are used to pay for cloud resources such as servers, storages, network traffic and IP addresses. Credits are automatically deducted for used resources on an hourly basis. Should the user run out of credits, active resources will be disabled and reactivated after the credit balance returns to positive. Credits can be purchased from the UpCloud website.

Get account information

Returns information on the user's account.


GET /1.2/account

Normal response

HTTP/1.0 200 OK
  "account": {
    "credits": 9972.2324,
    "username": "username"